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    You may feel ready for a facelift, eyelid surgery, or nose job (rhinoplasty), but are hesitant because the recovery seems too daunting to undertake.  That being said, the typical recovery period only lasts 2-3 weeks and there are steps you can take to make your recovery as easy and quick as possible.

    Dr. Jejurikar stresses that it is important that you avoid certain medications and supplements at least two weeks prior and two weeks after having a facelift.  This includes NSAIDs (such as motrin, ibuprofen, toradol), aspirin, Plavix (clopidrogel), Coumadin (warfarin),vitamin E and St. John’s Wort.  These medications and supplements thin the blood and increase bleeding during surgery, which causes significant post-operative bruising.

    Herbal supplements deserve special attention. Many patients do not inform their plastic surgeon that they are taking these medications because they perceive them to be safe and natural. This does not mean that they do not cause side effects! As a general rule, stopping these medications at least two weeks prior to surgery can significantly decrease bleeding during and after surgery. LESS BLEEDING CORRELATES TO LESS BRUISING!

    Your body will need plenty of rest initially after your surgery and it is key to keep your head elevated at a 30-45 degree angle when you’re lying down.  It is recommended that you keep your head elevated in this position for at least 7-10 days following surgery. Elevating your head helps the swelling drain from your face and neck faster.

    There are over-the-counter supplements that aid in the reduction of swelling and bruising.  The most beneficial homeopathic supplements recommended by Dr. Jejurikar are Arnica Montana, Bromelain and Quercetin.  Using Bromelain and Quercetin in conjunction with Arnica Montana has proven useful in reducing post-operative bruising and swelling.

    • Arnica Montana, derived from alpine plants, is anti-inflammatory, can mend bruised tissue and speeds recovery.  The patient typically starts taking it 3 days prior to surgery, and for at least one week following surgery.
    • Bromelain, derived from the stem of pineapples, helps combat inflammation.  It should be taken for the first full week after surgery.
    • Quercetin is a plant-derived flavonoid found in green and black tea, apples and grains.  It inhibits production of histamines, which prevents inflammation and speeds up the recovery process.  Quercetin should be taken for one week immediately following surgery.

    Arnica Montana, Bromelain and Quercetin all can be purchased prior to your surgery and can speed up your post-op recovery tremendously.

    The antioxidant, Vitamin C, aids in immunity and promotes healing.  It is the key nutrient required for collagen formation and should be taken pre and post-operatively.

    If you are interested in learning more about facelifts and other facial cosmetic surgery, please contact our office at 214.827.2814 to schedule a consultation.



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