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    SmartGraft Hair Restoration

    Discover Dallas Best Plastic Surgeon | Sam Jejurikar MDSmartGraft Hair Replacement without Surgery

    Fight hair loss and restore your hair with advanced hair restoration technology

    Thinning hair and hair loss are among the biggest concerns of those who are seeing the effects of aging. Whether you are a man or a woman, hair loss can take its toll on your self-confidence and give away your age. Now, there’s an alternative to undergoing surgery for hair transplants to restore that beautiful head of hair you once had. SmartGraft is an advanced hair restoration procedure that permanently restores your hair with virtually no discomfort using a very precise hair graft implantation method.

    Benefits of SmartGraft

    • Minimally invasive procedure
    • Performed in-office
    • Quick recovery times
    • Virtually no discomfort
  • Regrows your natural hair
  • Faster than traditional hair restoration procedure
  • High success rate
  • Permanent results

  • Discover Dallas Best Plastic Surgeon | Sam Jejurikar MDHow SmartGraft Works

    SmartGraft is an in-office procedure and is typically performed in just one visit. First, we will need to shave a very small area in the back of your head to extract donor grafts. This area will be easy to hide after treatment so you don’t have to worry about losing another patch of hair. Next, we will numb the area where the grafts will be placed. We will use the SmartGraft device to remove grafts from the designated donor site and take steps to collect and store the grafts in a sterile environment.

    The actual grafting procedure involves numbing the implantation site and creating very small openings for the graft implant. This is a very precise and controlled procedure since the angle and placement of each graft must be perfect. The entire grafting procedure can take up to five hours or more, depending on how much hair loss there is and how many grafts you need to achieve your final result.  You will receive aftercare instructions and recommendations on how to take care of your hair and scalp for the next few days.

    Discover Dallas Best Plastic Surgeon | Sam Jejurikar MDHair regrowth typically occurs in phases and your hair will likely shed during the first few weeks. Most patients see a noticeable improvement within six months and full growth within 12 months of treatment.

    Schedule Your SmartGraft Consultation

    If you want to restore the full head of hair you had in your youth and stop hair loss, talk to us about the benefits of SmartGraft. We can determine if you are a good candidate for this hair replacement procedure during your consultation. Call 214-827-2814 today!

    The SmartGraft Process



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