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Rejuvenate your look with our signature medical-grade skin care line

If you want to maintain results of your anti-aging procedure or just keep your skin looking fresh and youthful, pay attention to your daily skin care regimen. Dr. Jejurikar has developed a signature line of medical-grade skin care products to address common concerns, such as fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and poor skin elasticity. Keeping your skin in good health involves proper exfoliation and moisturizing regularly.  Maintain beautiful-looking skin with our custom products infused with just the right blend of natural acids, peptides, and hydrating ingredients.

Micro Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

Maintain a youthful complexion and smooth, radiant skin by exfoliating regularly. Formulated for all skin types, this cleanser contains Jojoba, Vitamin C, and Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Key Benefits:

  • Designed for all skin types, especially oily skin
  • Accelerates skin cell renewal
  • Contains glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids to loosen dead skin
  • Jojoba beads exfoliate skin and prevent clogged pores
  • Helps you maintain a radiant glow

One Minute Facial

When your skin needs a pick-me-up, treat yourself to the benefits of a spa facial at home. This unique product contains ingredients that lift dead skin cells and debris almost instantly — you can see and feel small particles forming as you massage the product onto the skin. Just massage your face and then rinse with tepid water to reveal healthy, luminous, and radiant skin. Use two to three times a week for maximum benefits.

Key Benefits:

  • Buffs away dead skin cells
  • Instantly visible results
  • Restores luminosity and radiance

Cellular Intense Daily Moisturizer

Infuse your skin with a dose of much-needed moisture with this soothing and hydrating formula. Designed to be used day and night, this ultra-rich creme helps restore your skin after exposure to harsh environmental conditions. If you have naturally dry skin, use this moisturizer regularly to restore skin’s moisture levels and keep skin looking supple and smooth.

Key Benefits:

  • Can be used as both day and night creme
  • Restores dehydrated skin
  • Helps rebuild skin’s natural moisture barrier

Eye Lift Contour Creme

Formulated with a combination of Peptide and Marine Algae, this rich moisturizing creme helps smooth and soothe delicate skin around the eyes. Protect and strengthen the skin around your eyes with this hydrating formula designed with a time-released delivery system for maximum absorption. Say goodbye to dark circles and puffiness around the eyes with regular application.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps improve appearance of dark circles and puffiness
  • Improves appearance of skin elasticity
  • Creates luminous and radiant look

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