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    Mohs Reconstruction

    Discover Dallas Best Plastic Surgeon | Sam Jejurikar MDThe figures are sobering: nearly 20 percent of all Americans will have some form of skin cancer during their lifetime.  If you or a loved one is among that 20 percent, you may be facing (or have already faced) surgery to remove a cancerous lesion and are exploring options for reconstructive surgery.

    After having Mohs surgery to remove a skin cancer lesion, your primary surgeon might perform a simple closure himself or may instead choose to refer you to a plastic surgeon for closure to minimize visible scarring.  Dr. Jejurikar can also perform both the excision and reconstruction if you wish.

    There are many variables involved in a post-Mohs reconstruction since locations, tissues, and types of lesions vary from patient to patient.  Dr. Jejurikar specializes in post-Mohs reconstructive surgery and will choose from the following techniques to restore the affected area or areas:

    • Flap techniques (the most commonly used technique in post skin cancer facial reconstruction)
    • Bone grafting (Bone is taken from the skull and shaped to be placed into the excision site.)
    • Cartilage grafting (The most common donor site is the ear, but rib cartilage is also used.)
    • Tissue expansion (used in a small percentage of cases)
    • Skin grafts (used infrequently for facial reconstruction)

    The Procedure

    Mohs surgery and post Mohs reconstructive surgery can be performed either separately or at the same time.  The procedure is performed either under a general or local anesthetic depending on the nature of the surgery.  The lesion is excised and the wound is then closed.

    Regardless of the technique used, Dr. Jejurikar will take care whenever possible to ensure that the resulting suture line is positioned to follow the natural creases and curves of the skin in order to minimize the appearance of your scar.

    In some cases, post-Mohs reconstructive surgery must be performed in two stages, particularly when certain flap techniques are used.  In these cases, the first stage creates and repositions the flap and the second stage separates the flap from its original location  and blood supply.  A second surgery may be required to complete the reconstruction.


    Recovery time varies depending on the extent of the surgery performed.

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    Dr. Jejurikar will be happy to talk with you personally to address any of your questions or concerns. Call (214) 827-2814 to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. J. to discuss Mohs Reconstruction at our Dallas office.

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