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    Lip Augmentation

    Discover Dallas Best Plastic Surgeon | Sam Jejurikar MDLip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure used to increase the size of the lips through surgery or injections.  This procedure can be performed on the upper or lower lip, or both at the same time, and may offer temporary or permanent results depending on the type of material used.

    Fuller lips can be achieved through several different cosmetic techniques.  The best procedure for you depends on your overall health and desired results, along with several other determining factors.  Dr. Jejurikar will discuss these factors with you to help you decide which treatment option is best for you to achieve the full lips you desire.

    Augmentation Options

    Most lip augmentation options involve an injection of a facial filler to increase the size of the lips, although implants may be used as well.  Some of the options commonly used for lip augmentation include:

    • Collagen injections
    • Patient’s own fat from another area of the body
    • JUVÉDERM™ injections (similar to natural hyaluronic acid)
    • Synthetic implants (either polytetrafluoroethylene or silicone)

    Each of these different types of lip augmentation offer patients some kind of benefits over others. You can discuss these options further with Dr. Jejurikar in order to determine which procedure is best for you.


    Lip augmentation procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and can usually be done in Dr. Jejurikar’s office.  Anesthesia may or may not be used for this procedure, depending on how the procedure is performed. Injections may only require a topical anesthetic, while implants usually require a local or general anesthesia.

    Once anesthesia is applied and the risk of allergies is eliminated, the filler is injected directly into the lips through a minimally invasive procedure that takes just a few minutes to perform.  Proper placement is important in order to achieve optimal results.

    For lip implants, the synthetic implants are inserted into the lips through tiny incisions at the corners of the lips.  Once inserted, your doctor will close the incisions with stitches, and the implants will remain in place with permanent results.

    Results and Recovery

    After a lip augmentation, patients may experience mild discomfort and swelling for a few days, although these side effects usually subside on their own.  The lips may appear to be overfilled at first, since some materials, such as collagen and fat, lose much of their volume within a very short period of time.  The exact results for your procedure will depend upon the type of augmentation performed and your desired results, although most patients are satisfied with their results.

    Most patients can return to work and other normal activities within one to two days after the procedure, although exercise and other strenuous activities should be avoided for a bit longer.  Recovery from fat grafting procedures may take longer.

    Depending on the type of material used, patients may require multiple treatments over time to maintain their desired results. Many injectable materials, especially natural ones, are not immune to the effects of aging and will gradually deplete.

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    Dr. Jejurikar will be happy to talk with you personally to address any of your questions or concerns. Call (214) 827-2814 to schedule a consultation with Dr. J. to discuss Lip Augmentation at our Dallas location.

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