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Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

Very frequently I get asked by male patients in my practice whether or not it’s common for other men to have plastic surgery procedures. These men are usually very sheepish when asking this question, thinking that they are alone in their desire to get cosmetic enhancements. The truth is, they are far from alone! Men make up a significant portion of the global cosmetic surgery market and entire plastic surgery practices exist that cater only to providing services for men.

So what are the most common procedures that men are seeking? In my practice, I can break it down to four discrete procedures:

  • Liposuction
  • Botox
  • Neck lift and eyelid surgery
  • Kybella

Liposuction, far and away, is the most common procedure sought by male patients in my practice. Most common areas that men look to have corrected are the abdomen, flanks and upper chest. Most of the men that have liposuction use surgery as an adjunct to a fairly regimented workout routine. These are not obese patients looking for shortcuts; these are healthy, fit men looking to get rid of problem areas that they have been unsuccessful in correcting with exercise alone. I will commonly utilize ultrasound assisted liposuction (Vaser, Lysonix) to achieve a degree of skin tightening and to help melt the fat and fibrous tissue prior to suctioning it out.

Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) and Dysport (abobotulinumtoxinA) are injectable agents designed to eliminate wrinkles associated with facial animation. Most common areas treated are transverse forehead lines, vertical lines located between the eyebrows (“the 11s), and crows feet. These treatments give patients a more youthful and more refreshed appearance. Botox and Dysport injections can be performed in the office with virtually no downtime, helping to explain the immense popularity of these procedures. Treatments need to be repeated every 3 to 4 months to maintain a youthful appearance.

Older professional men looking to maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace often come to the office to learn about facial cosmetic surgery. They are concerned about looking overly feminine or dramatically altering their appearances. These men tend to want to avoid having facelifts or browlifts, but want to look more youthful. In these patients, we will commonly perform necklifts to eliminate saggy skin of the neck and to improve jowls, without giving the patients overly high cheekbones. Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) is commonly performed at the same time to eliminate a tired or angry appearance. Because bruising and swelling can be significant in men, patients tend to combine these procedures and usually allow themselves two weeks out of the public eye.

The last procedure, which is rapidly gaining popularity, is Kybella. Kybella is derived from deoxycholic acid, or bile acid, and is used to eliminate troublesome fat of the neck. It has been cleared by the FDA and has been shown to have tremendous benefit without having surgery. Patients usually need at least two treatments, ideally spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. Although the neck can feel numb and rubbery for a few weeks, patients generally look relatively normal within a couple of days of treatment. As a result, they can schedule the procedure at their convenience without taking time off from work. Not surprisingly, a large number of men are flocking towards this treatment.

If you’re a man (or woman!) wanting to learn more about cosmetic surgery, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 214-827-2814.

Be Smart When Choosing to have Plastic Surgery

All too often we’re hearing about people becoming the victims of botched cosmetic surgeries performed by unlicensed and unauthorized criminals.  So why aren’t some people taking better care of their health and safety by doing their due diligence in finding an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon to operate on them in a safe and clean environment?

It really doesn’t take that much time and effort to be certain that you’re putting your life in the right hands when choosing to have any type of plastic surgery procedure.  The key things to look for in a plastic surgeon when you’re choosing to have surgery are: experience, knowledge and quality of training, facility accreditation, and where the plastic surgeon has hospital privileges.

Experienced plastic surgeons regularly perform a variety of cosmetic procedures, and potential patients should feel comfortable inquiring about the surgeon’s expertise of a particular procedure.  The initial consultation is the ideal opportunity for the plastic surgeon and patient to discuss the goals and realistic expectations of the surgery in question, as well as the recovery period and potential risks involved with the surgery.  Expect to see your plastic surgeon multiple times after having surgery in order for your surgeon to monitor your progress and results.  Your plastic surgeon should also be able to discuss his policies in case there is any need for surgical revisions following your initial procedure.

Seeking a board certified plastic surgeon ensures that the surgeon has completed several extra years of work in plastic surgery and maintains the Boards high standards of ethical and safe practices.  The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only Board that is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties that certifies surgeons in the specialty of plastic surgery.  It is also a good sign that you’re in excellent hands if your surgeon has been invited to become a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.  The membership to this group is by invitation only and confirms that in addition to being board certified, the surgeon has substantial experience in cosmetic surgery.

Your surgery should be performed by your plastic surgeon in an accredited, Medicare-certified or state licensed surgery center or hospital, along with certified and licensed anesthesiologists and nurses.  Hospital and surgery center review committees assess the surgeon’s training and experience regarding the specific procedures he’s requesting privileges for before authorizing the surgeon’s hospital or surgery center affiliation.

Regardless of the cosmetic procedure you wish to have, your health and safety should always be your number one priority.  Take the time to choose an experienced plastic surgeon to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.  The constant care you’ll receive from your surgeon, the office staff, and your results will make you happy you did!

If you are interested in scheduling a plastic surgery consultation with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jejurikar, please contact his office at (214) 827-2814.




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