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Protect your investment – What to know before your facelift

Protect your investment – What to know before your facelift

While each individual is different, many of their needs are similar after face lift surgery. The following are products that Dr. Jejurikar has found helpful for his patients after face lift surgery.  All of these products are recommended with the intent to lessen swelling and bruising, allow the skin to heal sooner, and allow patients to optimize their results; thereby “protecting their investment.” Purchasing these products prior to surgery may lessen some of the stress you feel after your face lift.

•       Vita Medica Morning Supplement

•       Vita Medica Evening Supplement

•       Vita Medica Bromelain with Quercetin

•       SinEcch Arnica Montana Supplement

•       Donell Correction Cream

•       Compression Mask

•       Cold Pack Compression Mask

•       Gel Eye Mask

•       Swiss Eye Mask

•       Donell Post Surgical Set (Cream Wash/Ointment)

•       Back Sleeper Pillow

•       No Tears Shampoo

•       Lacrilube Eye Ointment

•       Aquaphor

•       Hypo Tears Eye Drops

•       4×4 Gauze Pads

•       Body Wipes

•       Facial Pillow

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call Dr. Jejurikar’s Dallas or Plano office at 214-827-2814 – our staff will be delighted to assist you!

What exactly is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure designed to lift the buttocks , increase their size, and improve their shape.  Dr. Jejurikar performs the procedure by initially performing liposuction, most commonly from the tummy, back, and flanks (also known as love-handles). He then transfers the collected fat to the buttocks, using it to mold and shape the buttocks to their desired size and shape. Transferring fat cells donated by your own body allows for a more natural look and feel to the butt.

Though you do not have to have a certain body percentage of fat cells to have the procedure done, Dr. Jejurikar recommends having at least a little bit of extra fat to see the optimal results. A general rule of thumb for women is that those size 4 or greater will have enough fat to transfer. Those who are smaller will need a crash diet of cake, ice cream and any other “bad” food to gain the needed weight, or will need to opt for buttock implants.

Dr. Jejurikar believes that optimal results from Brazilian Butt Lift are obtained with patients under general anesthesia; surgery generally takes 3-4 hours to perform. To learn more, call the office at 214-827-2814 today!




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