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Dallas Buttock Augmentation with Fat | The Brazilian Butt Lift

Dallas Buttock Augmentation with Fat | The Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift has rapidly become one of the most plastic surgery operations performed by Dallas Plastic Surgeon Sam Jejurikar, MD. The operation performs two essential things:

  • Fat is removed from undesirable locations in the body with liposuction. Not only does this help create a better body, but focused sculpting of the back, love handles and abdomen give the patient a smaller waist and the illusion of a bigger butt.
  • Fat is injected into the buttocks. Not only is a bigger size achieved, but Dr. Jejurikar can create buttocks with improved shape, contour and projection.

Still have questions. Check out this actual video of Dr. Jejurikar performing a Brazilian Butt Lift.

To learn more, contact Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute Office at 214-827-2814.


Dallas Breast Augmentation | The Initial Recovery

So you’ve had just had your breast augmentation. Not sure what to expect? Here’s a few things Sam Jejurikar and his staff at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute reminds all of their patients:

  • Breast Implants do not look natural immediately after surgery. The skin envelope is usually quite tight and the implants sit abnormally high. This can make your breasts look like “bowling balls” or “cantaloupes” (actual descriptions from some of Dr. J’s patients). Relax. This is normal and transient. Over the first few weeks, the breast skin relaxes and implants drop. As this happens, the breasts develop a more natural appearance
  • Surgery hurts. Sounds obvious, right? Although many doctors advertise a quick recovery from surgery or a recovery not utilizing narcotic pain medications, this does not mean that their patients do not experience pain with surgery. Many of Dr. Jejurikar’s patients take narcotic pain medications after surgery and many do not. They all have pain.
  • Take it easy. Doing household chores, exercising, driving can all exacerbate your postoperative swelling. This can worsen your pain and delay your recovery. In the worst case scenario, it can actually cause a postoperative bleeding complication (hematoma) that requires additional surgery. Take it easy for at least 3-4 weeks.
  • Ask questions. You’ve never had breast augmentation before and the process is entirely new to you. It’s not new to Dr. Jejurikar and his staff at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call or email.

To set up a consultation to discuss breast augmentation, contact Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s office at 214-827-2814.

Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear silicone breast implants, or form stable cohesive gel implants, are the most recent generation of silicone breast implants to be approved by the FDA. The popularity of gummy bear implants has dramatically risen over the last year. That being said, many patients truly don’t understand what makes these implants different from saline breast implants or earlier generations of silicone implants. In this blog post, Dr. Sam Jejurikar, Dallas board certified plastic surgeon, provides a general overview of the pros and cons of form stable gummy bear silicone breast implants.


Firmer shape and feel – Gummy bear silicone implants hold their shape, meaning that your plastic surgeon can use the implant to shape the breast. Saline or earlier generation silicone breast implants, are more easily deformed, meaning they are more likely to be shaped by gravity and the breast skin and soft tissue; this is the opposite of what you see with gummy bear implants.

Virtually no folds or rippling – because the form stable cohesive gel does not shift within the breast implant shell, folds are much less likely to occur.

Capsular contracture – Data demonstrates a much lower rate of capsular contracture (pathologic scar tissue around a breast implant) with these implants as compared to saline or earlier generation silicone breast implants.

No leakage – Although the breast implant shell can break, the highly cohesive nature of the silicone within means it should not leak out of the breast. Doesn’t make sense – look at the video that follows.


Firmer Feel – Some women view this as a con, although its also definitely a pro (see above). These implants feel a little bit more firm than earlier generations of silicone. Younger patients with fuller and firmer breasts don’t tend to notice this as much. Women who have lost massive amounts of weight or whose breasts have stretched considerably after pregnancy are more likely to perceive these implants as firm. A firm breast, however, should not be confused with a hard breast; the firm feel from a gummy bear implant feels simulates youthful breast tissue, making it more of a pro than a con!

Cost – Gummy bear silicone implants costs approximately twice as much as saline implants.

Larger Incision – Because these implants are firm and cannot be deformed, incisions need to be slightly larger. They generally range between 4.5 cm to 5.0 cm. Because of this, incisions within the armpit often times become larger than desirable. Furthermore, depending on the size of the patient’s areola, an incision around the areola may be exceedingly difficult.

Incision location – An inframammary incision (crease at the base of the breast) really gives the surgeon the best visibility to place a gummy bear silicone implant. Also, given the larger length incision required to place these implants, it is reliably camouflaged, which is not always the case with incisions within the armpit or around the areola. Conclusive data in the plastic surgery literature demonstrates a far lower rate of capsular contracture (pathologic scar tissue formation around breast implants) for implants placed through an inframammary incision. For these reasons, although not the only choice, the inframammary incision tends to be the preferred choice for patients undergoing breast augmentation with gummy bear implants.

If you would like to learn more, contact Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s office at 214-827-2814 or click here.



Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute | Considerations Before Breast Augmentation

So you’re thinking you want to proceed with breast augmentation at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute? Here are few useful tips from Dr. Sam Jejurikar to keep in mind to enable you to get your breast implants placed quickly and safely:

  1. Avoid all medications that thin your blood for 2 weeks prior to surgery (i.e., aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Alleve, ibuprofen, naprosyn, Anacin, Bufferin, etc.) and 72 hours after surgery. This include medications such as Aspirin and NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents (NSAIDs), such as Motrin, Ibuprofen, Advil, Naprosyn, Toradol, etc.). Tylenol is safe to take. If you’re not sure, contact Dr. Jejurikar’s office to ask!
  2. Dr. Jejurikar provides a post-op bras; that being said, you will find it beneficial to purchase one or two sports bras that zip in the front. For a list of bras that he and his staff find helpful, click here.
  3. Arrange for transportation to and from the surgical facility and for a friend or family member to care for you on the day of your breast augmentation surgery.
  4. Fill all your prescriptions in advance and bring your medication with you to the surgery center.
  5. Make sure you are comfortable with the choices you have made for your procedure regarding size of implants, type of implant (saline versus silicone), incision choice and location of implant. If you’re not, contact Dr. Jejurikar’s office and his staff can review your choices.
  6. Take a shower the night before surgery and the day of surgery and using surgical soap (Hibiclens or Chlorhexidine).
  7. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes on the day of surgery and remove all earrings and body piercings.
  8. Don’t wear a tampon to the surgical facility – they can cause bacterial infection and must to be removed prior surgery. Use an external pad if you must.
  9. Stop using all tobacco products and e-cigarettes two weeks or more prior to surgery.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss breast augmentation, contact Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s office at 214-827-2814.

Avoiding bruising with Botox and Fillers – Helpful Tips

Although patients generally love the results of Botox, Dysport and injectable fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, etc.), they often times do not love the bruising associated with the treatment. Dr. Sam Jejurikar of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute has some helpful tips to avoid bruising with your injectables.

  • Avoid Aspirin and NSAIDs, which are potent blood thinners. Non-prescription blood thinners can promote significant bruising by interfering with the function of platelets, which are important cells in your blood that are required for clotting. Poor platelet function dramatically increases bruising. Stop all non-prescription blood thinners, such as aspirin and NSAIDs (Motrin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aleve, Advil, Midol, Excederin, Toradol, etc.) at least one week prior to treatment.
  • Wine and alcohol also have the same effect on your platelets. Avoid drinking wine or alcohol for 48 hours before and after your Botox or injectable filler appointment.
  • Herbal supplements, including Green tea, Vitamin E, St. John’s wort, garlic, gingko, red yeast extract and others can act like blood thinners, thereby promoting bruising. Because of relatively poor regulation of supplements on the market, Dr. Jejurikar recommends that patients stop taking all herbal supplements one week prior to to treatment.
  • Icing can promote quick clotting and constriction of capillaries, thereby minimizing bruising. Dr. Jejurikar recommends icing for at least 10 minutes after your Botox or filler appointment.
  • Exercise increases your heart rate and blood pressure, thereby increasing the blood flow to all capillaries in your body, including those recently traumatized by injectable treatment. Given that, Dr. Jejurikar advises you to avoid the gym for 24 hours after injectable treatment.
  • Choose a qualified injector. Many places offer massively discounted rates for injectors who have minimal experience or poor qualifications. Make sure you trust the credentials of your injector!

If you’d like to learn more about treatment with Botox or injectable fillers, contact the office of Dr. Sam Jejurikar, board certified plastic surgeon, at 214-827-2814.




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